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  • бисквит для торта
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    sponge cake

    Ingrediens for pan 16-18 sm. 4 eggs All-purpose flour — 145g Baking powder — 1,5 tsp. Sugar — 120g (for this example I use coconut sugar) Sunflower oil  — 56g Milk — 40g In depends on type of crust: vanilla extract, vanillin, chocolate , cocoa, honey, etc — 60g Makes 2 rings for 18 cm. 4 eggs Flour -160g Baking powder — 1,5 tsp Sugar — 130g Sunflower oil — 60g Milk — 20g Depending of type of crust: vanilla extract, vanillin, chocolate , cocoa, honey, etc — 60g In this recipe we will make chocolate sponge cake https://zailand.ru/pyshnyj-biskvit-dlya-torta-prostoj-recept-v-duxovke/ Instruction: Beat egg whites and sugar until it froths up. The quolity…

  • Глазированные сырки рецепт в домашних условиях с фото и видео
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    Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

    Ingredients for 3 cheesecake: 1. Cottage cheese -180 g. 2. Butter (1) — 20 g for cheesecakes. 3. Vanilla — to taste. 4. Sugar, sugar substitute -1tbsp. If you think that you need more please add more (up to you). 5. Chocolate — 90g. 6. Butter (2) — 10 g Instructions: 1. Melt chocolate with 10g butter. 2. Spread  the moulds with chocolate and put into a fridge for 15-20 min 3. Melt butter (1) and mix with cottage cheese. 4. Add sugar, sugar substitute to taste. You also can add vanilla. 5. Tamp cottage cheese in the moulds tightly 6. Melt a  bit chocolate again and spread the cottage…

  • Чиа пудинг с апельсиновой начинкой видео рецепт
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    Chia pudding

    Ingredients: Milk or yoghurt — 250g Chia seed — 2 tbsp 1 orange ( 240g) corn starchy — 1 tbsp Sugar — 40-50g Nuts — to taste.   Instruction: Mix chia seed with milk or yoghurt. Put into fridge overnight or 5 hours as min. Cut orange as you wish. Heat orangewith sugar  in a saucepan. Surag should decompose Add corn starchy . The batter is becoming white. Bring to boil and boil for 30 min. The batter will come back the usual colour. Making a pudding: 1st layer — orange filling 2nd layer — chia pudding A bit orange filling Nuts. Here is Chia pudding. Enjoy!

  • Сырники
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    Traditional cottage-cheese pancakes

    Ingredients: 3 packages of cottage cheese 2 tsp of sugar or banana. I use coconut sugar. rice-flour — 2 tbsp (or cornflour or all purpose flour) 1 egg Instruction: Mix all well. Make small balls and press them flat making rings. Fry each side for 3-5 min. Ready! Attention! It is important to use good quolity of cottage cheese. Importante! Do not put all pancakes on a pan. They can increase in the size and you cant to turn them.

  • Сырные лепешки с моцареллой
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    Cheesy flat cake with Mozzarella

    Ingredients: ottage cheese (fat content — to taste) — 175g Mozzarella (you can you any type of cheese) 120g Flour — 3,5 tbsp . I use cornflour. 2 eggs. Herbs, spices — to taste. I use garlic, salt, black peper. Instruction: Grate Mozzarella on plate and mix all ingredients together. You can add garlic salt instead of garlic.Dough should be like for usuall pancakes. Fry each side until golden brown. Take non-stick pan.  If you don’t have it or flat cakes stick to pan, add a bit oil on  a pan.

  • Маффин из овсянки
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    Muffin with banana

    Ingredients (use 200g cup): 2 bananas 1 orange 0,5 glass of sugar Sunflower oil — 1/3 cup Oats — 1 cup Wheat flour (the highest quolity) -0,5 cup. I use cornflour. Soda — 1 tsp and vinegar — 1 tsp or baking powder. cinnamon, nut meg — to taste (optiional). Instruction: Fine grate zest of orange until white layer, squeeze juice. Mix in the bowl: juice, zest, banana, sugar and oil. Next — blend all until smooth. Add oats, flour and mix all well. Mix soda and vinegar and add to batter. You can add baking powder instead of soda. Pour the batter into baking pan and bake for 30-35…

  • Осетинский пирог
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    Ossetian pie

    Ingredients: Dough: Flour — 450g Milr — 360 ml Sour cream — 2 tbsp Sugar — 1 tbsp Salt — 1 tsp Living yeast — 21 g or instant dry yeast — 7g Filling — to taste. Instruction: Mix dry ingredients, add warm milk, sour cream. Beat dough for 10 min. Put the dough into over for proving for 30 min. Next — punch the dough and put into oven for 30 again. Split dough into 3 parts. Each part roll out and put the filling in the middle and join the edges of dough like for khinkali. Press flat the dough and makea ring in depend on your baking…

  • Панкейки
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    Milk pancakes

    Ingredients (use 250g cup): Milk — 1 cup Wheat flour — 1 — 1,5 cup Refined oil — 2 tbsp Sugar — 2 tbsp, you can change to coconat sugar or sugar substitute 1 egg Soda — 0,5 tsp or baking powder 1 tsp. Instruction: Mix all dry ingredients: sugar, salt, flour, soda. Add egg, milk, oil. Whisk all. Place our pancakes on non-stick pan and fry. As one side is almost ready, turn the pancakes and fry the other sida until ready. Bon appetit!

  • яблочный пирог вкуснее шарлотки
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    Apple pie with roses

    Ingredients: 5 middle apples with a bit of sourness. 4 eggs Sugar — 100g Flour — 150g Zest of lemon or orange half. Сinnamon — to taste Vanilla — to taste. Pinch of salt. Sour cream — 1 big tbsp. Butter — 20-25g Instruction: Beat eggs up until egg whites froth up a bit. Add sugar and vanilla gradually (vanilla — optional. You can change vanilla to vanilla sugar) Blend all up until cream consistency. It took 5 min but, of cause, it depends of your mixer. Pare off apples, remove seeds of an apple and cut for thin slices. Half of cutted apples place on baking pan,  place butter…

  • блины с начинкой
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    Traditional Russian Pancakes

    Ingredients: Flour — 500-550g Milk — 800-850 g ( if you want to hve thin pancakes use 1 L milk) 5 eggs Salt — ta taste Sunflower oil for batter — approx 0,5 glass (220g glass)   Instruction: Mix eggs and milk, add flour. Mix all properly. The batter should be smoth. Add oil and salt. If it is nesassary add flour and milk. If the batter is too liquid — add flour. If too thick — add milk. My recommendation for new users — fry on a small fry pan. It is more easy to turn the pancakes. Its better to use a special spatula. Pour the portion of…