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Traditional Russian Pancakes


  • Flour — 500-550g
  • Milk — 800-850 g ( if you want to hve thin pancakes use 1 L milk)
  • 5 eggs
  • Salt — ta taste
  • Sunflower oil for batter — approx 0,5 glass (220g glass)блины на молоке



  • Mix eggs and milk, add flour.
  • Mix all properly. The batter should be smoth. Add oil and salt.
  • If it is nesassary add flour and milk. If the batter is too liquid — add flour. If too thick — add milk.
  • My recommendation for new users — fry on a small fry pan. It is more easy to turn the pancakes. Its better to use a special spatula.
  • Pour the portion of batter on fry pan, distribute it. Wait until dough sticks together and turn the pancake. Fry the second side until it turns red.

рецепт тонких блинчиков


рецепт тонких блинчиков

блины с начинкойтонкие блины

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