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  • сырная лепешка на скорую руку
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    Cheesy flat cake

      Ingredients: 2 eggs Sour cream (15-20% fat content) — 2 tbsp Flour — 50g (I use cornflour) Cheese — 100g Salt, herbs — to taste. Make for 2 persons. Instruction: Mix eggs and sour cream until smooth. Add grated cheese and herbs. Add flour and spices. Mix all well. Pour the batter on a fry pan and fry each side for 5 min. Here is it! Easy!  

  • Шоколадный пасхальный кулич вкусный рецепт с фото и видео
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    Chocolate Easter cake

    Ingredients: -Flour — 550g -Cocoa — 50g -Milk 3,5% — 200g -Honey — 10g -instant dry yeast — 7 g, living yeast — 21g -2 eggs -Sugar — 250g -Sunflower oil — 120 -Cream 33-35% — 100g -Pinch of salt -alcoholic drinks — shotglass (whisky, cognac, rum) -Сranberry or raisin — 150g -Pecan nut — 2 cupped hands Decoration: chocolate — 120g, nuts and dry flowers — optional. Instruction: *Sponge cake: *Melt down yeast and honey in warm milk (38-40C) *Leave in a warm place for 30 min.  I stay dough in warm switched off oven. Cake: *Berries is soaking in hot water and alcohol *Beat eggs with sugar until…

  • Самса из слоеного теста в домашних условиях лучший рецепт
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    Samosa with beef

    Ingredients: -Water — 200g -Vinegar — 1 tsp -1 egg -Flour — 500g -Salt — 1 tsp -Butter — 150g -Forcemeat with onion — 600g -Salt, spices for forcemeat — to taste. Instruction: -Mix up water, vinegar and egg. -Add sifted flour and salt. Add first part of flour,  the rest part of flour — add gredually. -Make a dough .Dough must not  stick in fingers -Cover with food wrap and leave for 20 min (room temperature) -Roll out the dough thinly. -Stretch by hand untill semipellucid condition. -Spread with melted butter. -Make a roulade. -Turn up roulade like a snail and cover with food wrape -Put to a fridge…

  • Очень вкусные домашние беляши с мясом рецепт на сковороде
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    For the dough: -Milk — 150g (3,2% fat) -Water — 100g -instant dry yeast — 7 g, living yeast — 21g -Sugar — 1 tsp -Sunflowe oil — 2 tbsp -Salt — 0,5 tsp -Flour — 350g -Filling to taste. My version — forcemeat with spices — 300g Instruction: -Mix up warm milk and water. -Add yeast and sugar. -Leave in a warm place or leave with room temperature for proving for 15 min. -Sift flour -Add sponge dough, salt , oil in one part of flour. Mix all up. -The rest part of flour adds gradually. -Make a dough until elastic condition. Cover with food wrap -Stay dough in…

  • Вкусные и полезные панкейки из красной чечевицы
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    Green lentils Panecakes

    Ingredients: *Green lentils — 200g *Flour — 250g (1 glass) *Milk — 1 glass *Sugar — to taste. *Sunflower oil — 2 tbsp *Baking powder or soda — 0,5 tsp (I don’t add) *I wanted to add egg nd baking powder, but I am not sure that it is necessarily Instruction: *Lentils should be soaked for 8 hours. *Blend until puree condition. *Add milk, mix all well. *Add sugar (I add date syrup) and flour. *Mix all properly. *Add oil and mix up all again. *Fry each side on non-stick pan without oil. *Ready!

  • Азу из индейки
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    Azu with Turkey

    Ingredients: -Turkey — 0,7-1 kg -1 onion -1 carrot -Potato — middle size. -2 pickles -Flour — 2-3 pinches -Tomato paste — 2-3 tbsp -Water/ soup stock — 500ml -Spices — to taste. -5-6 cloves of garlic -Fresh herbs — to taste. Instruction: -Cut meat on pieces as you wish. -Cut potato. (slices, sticks or as you like). Chop onion (half-ring), carrot and pickles. It is better if you cut all vegerables on sticks. -Heat the pan and fry meat until golden brown  for 5-10 min. Leave the meat for some time. -In the same pan (iwhere we fried meat) place onion and fry for 5 min untill soft. Don’t…

  • Плов с булгуром
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    Bulgur Pilaf

    Ingredients: *Dry bulgur — 120g *Chicken fillet or what you want (mushrooms) — 200g. Mushrooms — 400g *1 carrot *1 onion *1 clove of garlic *Oil, salt, peper, jeera Instruction (use a pot with a thick bottom or deep pan) : *chop vegetables and cut meat or as you wish. *Fry onion, carrot and chicken (if you cook beef, first simmer beef until semiprepared, then — add vegetables). Simmer chicken fillet with vegetables for 5-10 min. Chiken with bones — for 20 min. *Beef — 30-60 min. After that add vegetables and simmer for 5-10 min. *Add Bulgur, fry with meat amd add water. Water must cover all ingrediesnt for…

  • домашняя пицца на тонком тесте
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    Ingredients: -All-purpose flour — 250g -Salt — 0,5 tsp -Water — 150g -Sugar — 1 tsp -instant dry yeast — 1 tsp -Sunflower oil — 1 tbsp -Ketchup — to taste. -Spices — «Italian herbs» -Filling (ta taste). My version: prosciutto sausage, Pork, sweet peper, tomato, pickles, ketchup, cheese. Instruction: -Add dry yeast into warm water. Add sugar. Mixx all up until fully dissolved. -Dough should not  stick in fingers. I use mixer for 5-10 min. -Preheate oven t 30C and switch off. Put to a oven for 30-40 min for proving in switched off oven, -Volume of dough increase at 2-3 times. Split dough  into 2 parts. -Roll out…

  • лазанья с фаршем с соусом бешамель готовим дома
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    Ingredients: -9 lasagna noodles -cheesse — 360g -Forcemeat — 700-800g -Milk — 1 package. -Butter — 50g -Flour — 2 tbsp -Dolmio sauce with mushrooms or traditional — 1 jar -White mushrooms — 400g ( optional) -Salt, peper — to taste. Instruction: *Fry forcemeat with mushrooms. Simmer untill semiprepared. Next stage — add Dolmio sauce and simmer untill done. Leave for some time. *Bechamel sauce: melt butter in a pot. Add flour. Mix all up intill smooth and add milk gredually. Season with salt, black peper. Bring to boil,  stir at a steady pace *Grate cheese. *Making Lasagna: *Pour soup ladle of sauce into a baking pan and place lasagna…