Chocolate Easter cake.
Шоколадный пасхальный кулич вкусный рецепт с фото и видео
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Chocolate Easter cake

-Flour — 550g
-Cocoa — 50g
-Milk 3,5% — 200g
-Honey — 10g
-instant dry yeast — 7 g, living yeast — 21g
-2 eggs
-Sugar — 250g
-Sunflower oil — 120
-Cream 33-35% — 100g
-Pinch of salt
-alcoholic drinks — shotglass (whisky, cognac, rum)
-Сranberry or raisin — 150g
-Pecan nut — 2 cupped hands
Decoration: chocolate — 120g, nuts and dry flowers — optional.

*Sponge cake:
*Melt down yeast and honey in warm milk (38-40C)
*Leave in a warm place for 30 min.  I stay dough in warm switched off oven.

*Berries is soaking in hot water and alcohol
*Beat eggs with sugar until white colour.
*Add sponge cake and crème in the beaten eggs.
*Add flour and cocoa. Mix all up for 5 min.
*Add oil and beat dough for 20-25 min.
*Dough is ready when do not stick to walls. Grizzle hands with oil a bit.
*Once dough is ready, add berries, mix all up and lwave for proving for 2 hours. The volume will increase twice.
*Punch dough and add chopped nuts.
*Pour into moulds on 1/3
P.S. I add hazel-nut praline in one part. Optional.
*Leave moulds in a warm place for 40 min.  I stay dough in warm switched off oven.
*Bake for 30-50 min. It depends on your oven. My oven works properly  that’s why I decrease untill 140C for 15 min.
*Ready. Cool  and decorate.
*Glaze: melt chocolate and top the cake. Decorate — to taste.

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