лазанья с фаршем с соусом бешамель готовим дома
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-9 lasagna noodles
-cheesse — 360g
-Forcemeat — 700-800g
-Milk — 1 package.
-Butter — 50g
-Flour — 2 tbsp
-Dolmio sauce with mushrooms or traditional — 1 jar
-White mushrooms — 400g ( optional)
-Salt, peper — to taste.

*Fry forcemeat with mushrooms. Simmer untill semiprepared. Next stage — add Dolmio sauce and simmer untill done. Leave for some time.
*Bechamel sauce: melt butter in a pot. Add flour. Mix all up intill smooth and add milk gredually. Season with salt, black peper. Bring to boil,  stir at a steady pace
*Grate cheese.
*Making Lasagna:
*Pour soup ladle of sauce into a baking pan and place lasagna noodles, again pour sauce.
*Place forcemeat with mushrooms.
*Place cheese.
*Place lasagna noodles.
*Pour sauce
*Place forcemeat with mushrooms.
*Place cheese.
*Place lasagna noodles.
*Pour last part of sauce
*Place last part of cheese.
*Put into preheated oven for 25-40 min, at 180C. Preparation time depends on your oven.


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