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Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Bites

Ingredients for 3 cheesecake:
1. Cottage cheese -180 g.
2. Butter (1) — 20 g for cheesecakes.
3. Vanilla — to taste.
4. Sugar, sugar substitute -1tbsp. If you think that you need more please add more (up to you).
5. Chocolate — 90g.
6. Butter (2) — 10 g
1. Melt chocolate with 10g butter.
2. Spread  the moulds with chocolate and put into a fridge for 15-20 min
3. Melt butter (1) and mix with cottage cheese.
4. Add sugar, sugar substitute to taste. You also can add vanilla.
5. Tamp cottage cheese in the moulds tightly
6. Melt a  bit chocolate again and spread the cottage cheese with melted chocolate. Doing this stage we make a bottom of our cheesecake bites.
7. Leave to a fridge untill done. 3 hours as min.
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