Salad with beef and vegetables
салат на скорую руку
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Salad with beef and vegetables

салат на скорую рукуIngredients:
1. Boneless Beef — 250 g
2. Cucumber — 200g
3. Sweet peper — 150g
4. Canned white mushrooms  — 150g
5. 1/2 medium onion
6. 3 eggs
7. Mayonnaise, salt, peper, herbs — to taste.салат из говядины простой и вкусный рецепт
Ingredients for 4-5 portions.
You can use your own proportion for cooking.
Onion cut small.
If I use mayonnaise, I don’t use salt, but it is up to you.
Please try it before serve and make it closer to your taste.
1. Boil beef and eggs. I recommend you to use boneless beef. It boils very quick.
2. Cut all ingredients sticks
3. Mix all up and add herbs.
Well done!салат на новый год 2020

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