Peanut butter (paste)
Домашняя арахисовая паста с пошаговым фото приготовления
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Peanut butter (paste)

Peanut butter.


  1. Good quolity salted peanut (you can roast the peanut by yourself) — 150-200 g.
  2. Salt — 0.5 flat tsp.
  3. Sugar powder — 1 flat tsp.

Instruction (metod):

  1. Add peanuts to pitcher of blender and crush them.
  2. If you want to have butter with pieces of peanut once you crush the nuts as needed, you should get out some of nuts and leave them.
  3. Crushing during 15 min. Please be careful, the blander can be broken because of heating, that’s why I do it 3 times for 5 min, allowing blander to have a rest.
  4. 10 min later add powdered sugar and salt and continue to crush till the final resul.
  5. Add crushed nuts and mix.
  6. Put butter into a fridge befor serve.


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