Ice cream with peanut and strawberry confiture.
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Ice cream with peanut and strawberry confiture

*Heave cream 33-35% — 500g
*Сondensed milk — 380 g
*Berries to taste — 300g (200g for ice cream snf 100g for filling). If you want to make ice cream with more berries , use 300g for ice cream only, without filling.
*Strawberry or blueberry jam.
*Toasted unsalted peanut

+Make a puree. If without stones — rice.
+Cut berries for filling. You can skip this stage and decorate the ice creame with berries before serve.
+Beat cold heavy creame untill froth up.
+Add condensed milk and mix up.
+Approx 1/3 ice cream mix up with berry puree (if you want you can  use 2 flavours as in my example).

Make the ice cream:
*Pour a small layer of strawberry ice cream, sprinkle berries (optional), peanut, jam, pour the rest part of strawberry ice cream.
*Again sprinkle berries, add peanut and sprinkle with jam.
*Pour a layer of vanilla ice cream, berries, peanut and jam.
*Pour the rest of vanilla ice cream.
*Chill for 3 hours.
Attention! Ice cream meltins quickly.

домашнее мороженое из сливок и сгущенкидомашнее мороженое из сливок и сгущенки

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